04.03 Mutual Disconnection

Author: Sensei Keith

This is just as important to consider and take heed. When we are disconnected from nature, we are also disconnected from each other. We are social creatures, and when we can't even connect with each other, we are only going to sink deeper into the delusion.

04.04 Indoctrinated from Birth

Author: Sensei Keith

And, the root of our delusion begins at our birth. Western society ensures that we are married to an illusion from the earliest possible moments we leave the safety of our mother's wombs. This section will discuss, in detail, the illusion. We will do it with love and compassion, not judgement.

04.05 Forgotten Original Self

Author: Sensei Keith

The ultimate loss is disconnection from our True Selves, from our Original Mind. Hope of reconnecting, of re-remembering, of remembering who we were before we entered these bodies fades into the dark recesses of modern society.

04.06 Accidental Zen Master

Author: Sensei Keith

A healthy mind before a zen mind: This is a critical point and worth revisiting here for a few moments. Before we have any chance of knowing Zen, we must first know our own minds and our own hearts. I'm not saying that finding our pathway to enlightement is impossible without a healthy mind, but the entire process of waking up was identical in every way to my Zen training.

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