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It feels slightly strange to post a testimonial for a course in Zen, but I was so moved by Awakening your Buddha that I couldn’t resist. If you have any interest in discovering Zen Buddhism in a way that applies to today, buy this course. – Dennis T. / On “Awakening Your Buddha

Never thought learning about Zen could be fun at the same time! The course was more comprehensive than I thought.  Getting me to recognize my own illusions and delusions that I didn’t even know I had was an impressive feat.  My most sincere thanks, Sensei. – James T. / On “Awakening Your Buddha

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Spiritual Reconnection

Introduction The Western world has done a fantastic job of masking our disconnection to our natural spiritual connection to the ...

What is NonDuality?

In simplest terms, nonduality is the absence of opposites, meaning literally; “not two.” As humans, we exist in a continual ...

Key Pop Quizzes

The way it works is simple:  Simply observe your own reactions to any negative feedback.  If someone cuts me off ...