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Spiritual Reconnection

Introduction The Western world has done a fantastic job of masking our disconnection to our natural spiritual connection to the Divine, to each other and to this suffering planet of ours. As modern scholars state, institutionalized or “book” religions have become an incredibly effective inoculation against discovering our true nature, as science and materialism has […]

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What is NonDuality?

In simplest terms, nonduality is the absence of opposites, meaning literally; “not two.” As humans, we exist in a continual state of duality by our very nature; there’s good/bad, god/devil, happy/sad, love/hate, and everything in between.  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” is one of those phrases that’s etched into our […]

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From the Outside In

This will be a detailed talk on what I mean when I say; “living from the outside in instead of the inside out.”  First, define it as clearly as possible.  Ask Hanalei for a definition.  Then, offer a great example; falling in love.  Those who live form the inside out don’t get to fall in […]

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